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 Who am I? 

Welcome to T.E.A Training, My Name is Emma Armstrong and I am so delighted you have taken the time to visit my website and learn more about the services on offer, my passion and how you can access guidance, support and training for your amazing teams.


Here at T.E.A Training you will get a fresh and dynamic approach to training.


Having worked in the Health and Social Care Sector for over 19 years, I understand just how important it is to have a care team that is Competent, Confident and Nurtured – Especially at this moment in time!


In a survey conducted by Unison, they found 60% of care staff typically leave their role within an organisation because they feel undervalued – A good way to show you care is by nurturing your staff, empowering staff with knowledge, skills and confidence, supporting staff to become beautiful butterfly’s that go onto to provide outstanding care to those they support and support your team to unlock their full potential. Doing so, will also bring a smile to the face of your retention rates and inspection ratings!


I will ensure that the service you receive encompasses the Values of T.E.A Training, promotes all of the 6cs within our Sector and is personable to you – after all – your service is unique and you SHOULD be treated this way too!!

 Training Values 

  • Transformational

  • Engaging

  • Ambitious 

  • Conscientious

  • High Quality 

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 What are the 6Cs and

Why Are They So Important? 

The 6Cs were developed to provide a level of care which must underpin the culture and practice of all organisations that deliver care and support, as well as quality social care provision. They provide a set of common values that help to create consistency across all health and social care work, employees, leadership, and organisations, and ensure all patients and service users receive the same high quality care.

The Compassion in Practice strategy is a national strategy for nurses, midwives and care staff. It triggered a significant amount of work through six action areas. These areas are the 6Cs and they promote high quality, person-centred care for all service users and patients. They all carry an equal weight of importance and are all essential for providing compassionate care. 

T.E.A Training encompasses and upholds these values across every single course available – Staff leave with a good understanding of these values, their accountabilities in upholding these values and a willingness to promote them within their practise. 

 The importance of

working together 

Let’s put the “Social” back into Social Care! Working collaboratively, sharing ideas and innovate ways of working all increase the lives of the people we support! Lets connect – I believe in the importance of networking, support systems and opportunities to “not feel alone” in a world that sometimes feels very large!

Here at T.E.A training, you will be invited to join networking opportunities and events. I am also dedicated to sharing the amazing and inspiring work I see on a daily basis in my line of work and this will be shared on my industry page with this also being showcased in our networking events – these are FREE events and purely a chance to learn and grow together.

Holding Hands
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