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 T.E.A Training Mission and Values 

This company is built around me, my values are based upon what I really feel training should be centred around – Putting the T.E.A.C.H back into TEACHING!! 

Moving away from Death by PowerPoint, my Mission is to support care staff and organisation’s to fly high, achieve their goals and aspirations, while ensuring that the person at the very heart of it all receives truly person-centred, high-quality care, that makes a HUGE impact to their quality of life!

 Training Values 

  • Transformational

T.E.A training sets to inspire and motivate staff to become masters in their professional practice, to become confident and competent individuals that shine and to provide learning that supports their ability to maximise their full potential and personal growth.

  • Engaging

Thought provoking training that challenges learners to think outside the box, look at complex scenarios from different perspectives and most of all leave training feeling motivated, knowledgeable and confident in their skills.

  • Ambitious

  • Conscientious

  • High Quality 

I am not just an educator; I am passionate about bringing people together, I see value in networking and showcasing best practise, learning from lessons learnt and seeking to build a support network for all those that use my services. You can expect access to regular networking events, ability to showcase your TEAM and the IMPACT they make and learn from others. Leadership and management can sometimes be a lonely place, but with T.E.A Training on Board, it doesn’t need to be!

I really care about you, your organisation, your staff and the people you support! I do NOT deliver training and then disappear! I am on hand for advice and guidance, even after training to answer any questions you may have.

I ensure that all courses are in line with educational frameworks, guidelines and policies, all courses are evidenced based which means that each and every learner will receive current and up to date training that is educational, fun, engaging and memorable. I ensure that feedback is taken seriously and is used to quality assure all courses and services offered by T.E.A Training.

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