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Snakes and Ladders Anyone?

I always love hearing learner's get excited, telling their peers about the games they play in training.

This is no ordinary game of snakes and ladders, oooooooo nooooooo!! This is Snakes and Ladders with an Impact!!

Who will win? Only knowledge will allow!

This is a game of Fire Awareness Snakes and Ladders!!

I promise with my hand held firmly on my heart, that when you book training with Emma Armstrong, you will not receive a "Death by PowerPoint" service!

This game has been designed to challenge learners to reflect on their current fire safety knowledge, reflect on their own working practices and challenge those of others and quite interestingly learner's go on to remember their learning and put it into action immediately, telling all their peers and people they support about becoming their workplace Fire Champion as a result!!

Here you can see the Amazing Becky putting her skills into Action!

Would you like to receive training that is memorable, impactful and fun?

Why not give me a call? I am passionate about learning and passionate about making a difference!

Here to support you with your training requirements always!


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