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THE BIG SING FOR LONELINESS WEEK 2023 #Connections #Matter


As part of T.E.A Training’s commitment to Loneliness Week, we want to bring people of all ages together by taking part in a BIG SING.

This year we put a poll out to schools to ask children which song they connect with the most. The children voted for “You’ve Got a Friend in ME” by Randy, a song well known and loved within the Toy Story film, here at T.E.A we feel this is an excellent choice!

This year’s theme is all about #Connections so, we are asking for your help. We are seeking volunteers who would like to get involved by singing this song, filming it, and sending it to . You could choose to sing this song alone, with a pet, with a group of friends or within a classroom, staff room or a community-based group you may be a part of.

Our aim is to bring people together and have some fun whilst doing so. This includes businesses, nurseries, schools, individuals living in the community, family and friends, community groups, in fact, this is for everyone!

The Marmalade Trust say “whether it’s your regular barista, the friendly dog on your walk, or the shopkeeper down the road, everyday moments of connection matter. They allow us to make connections, feel happier and less lonely.

For Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, we're encouraging everyone to harness these moments of connection. Together, we can all feel less lonely.

Once the videos are received and combined to one BIG SONG, you will be invited via Zoom to come together, and a BIG reveal will take place of the video. We will have a chance to talk, share our BIG SONG STORY, before this is then shared with a wider community.

If you feel this is something you would be willing to take part in, and would like some more information about our BIG SING, please get in touch with Emma at T.E.A Training on either 0752545450 or by emailing .

Please see QR Code for access to the song and its lyrics, you can follow. If you would like this in an alternative format, please just let me know.

I am really looking forward to coming together with you and in doing so also helping to raise much needed awareness of loneliness, supporting the Marmalade Trust and supporting our community to connect.

Thank you for reading and I hope many of you will want to get involved.

T.E.A Training


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